Dedicate iPad for home control.  With IPORT, iPad can be transformed into a powerful control device for any smart home technology with products that mount, charge and protect iPad, creating an amazing control experience.
Black IPORT LUXE, the wireless charging case and mount for iPad by IPORT, on a coffee table in a modern living room.
Whether using a home audio system or an entire professional control system, iPad has become the go-to device for control of any home technology. 
With the flexibility of iPadOS, iPad can be dedicated as a single-app extension of a high-end control system or as a central, multi-App platform.
iPad needs a home to ensure it is always charged, ready and accessible in order for it to become a critical part of a control system.  IPORT provides the world's only comprehensive line of products that transform iPad into a powerful home control solution. 
Learn more below about how this powerful combination of iPadOS capabilities, Control Apps and IPORT hardware deliver the best home control experience.


Dedicated Control System

Large Control System installs involve a centralized processor coordinating control from various Keypads and Stationary Touch Screens to a variety of smart devices like lights, shades, audio equipment and more.  iPad is the perfect complement to any control system install, providing a rich App-based, mobile control experience anywhere in the home.  And because iPad is the best mobile tablet, the experience continues outdoors and entertainment areas like dedicated theaters. 

Utilizing "Guided Access", an iOS accessibility feature that will lock iPad into a single App, iPad can truly become a dedicate extension of a Control System experience.  To learn more about guided access and how to implement, click on the link below.


Control + Sub Systems

Best-in-class systems like Sonos for Whole Home Music or Ring for Security Cameras provide unparalleled experiences via their Native App.  In some cases, it is better to use these systems with the manufacturer's native App instead of the instance of that system in a whole-home control system App.  

IPORT + iPad delivers a flexibility and customization found no-where else by iPad's ability to run multi-apps and IPORT's ability to hold, charge and protect iPad anywhere in the home.

Now you can have the best of both worlds: a whole home app-based control system augmented with Specific Apps for Audio, Security or Lights & Shades creating an experience that can only happen on iPad. 


Multi-App Control

With leaders like Sonos for whole-home audio, Lutron for lights & shades and Ring for security & awareness, you can have a robust control system experience, without a control system.

Use iPad as the hub for a multi-app control experience using features like App multi-tasking to reveal multiple apps on the screen at the same time and custom dock to concentrate just the Apps that are important for home control.

Wrap it up with IPORT to install iPad anywhere and make it accessible in the ways you need.




from $365
  • Removable Wall & Table Mounting
  • Wireless Charging
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Protective Case

from $645
  • Removable Wall & Table Mounting
  • Wireless Charging
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Protective Case
  • Premium Finishes
  • PoE Powered

from $430
  • Stationary Wall Mounting
  • PoE Powered
  • Premium Metal Finishes
  • Security Lock

 Business Manager


Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a simple tool designed to make deploying Apple products efficient and straightforward. Apple Business Manager allows a dealer to purchase and preconfigure iPads before even arriving at the job site. When paired with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) software ABM and an MDM work in tandem to register, set up, and manage every iPad deployed internally in your organization or a customer's home.


Mobile Device Managment

Mobile Device Management

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) system allows you to set up, inventory, manage and protect every iPad you manage out in the field all without sending a technician to the job site. There are many MDM options to choose from these days such as JAMF, VMWare AirWatch, and Apple OS Server. Regardless of the MDM of choice one thing is sure, you will spend less time setting up and managing iPads and more time doing what your business does best, integrating technology into homes and businesses.