Seamlessly transform iPad into a beautiful and simple business tool using IPORT products. It's more than joining products together, it's creating efficiencies in the workplace.

IPORT LUXE, the most elegant business iPad case for conference rooms.

Lobby Check-in

Black iPad charging case for business by IPORT at the front desk of a corporate office.

Welcome visitors with with a simple and elegant experience from the moment they enter your building. From guest sign-in, to notifying employees of guest arrival, you can run a smooth reception with a simple cloud-based software like ProxyClick that your visitors, receptionist, IT and security will love.

IPORT provides commercial iPad stands and mounts with options for wireless charging or hardwired to power and data, security locks to keep your iPad secure in high traffic spaces, or sleek, protective cases that allows guests to take iPad with them to fill out forms and read information while connected to Wi-Fi.

Conference Room Signage

iPads are quickly becoming a staple in corporate offices as a hub for room management, digital signage or calendar scheduling. IPORT products provide a way to elegantly mount iPad onto a solid surface or door frame, keeping it always charged and protected.

With iPad business apps like Robin and Teem, staff can streamline the way meeting spaces are managed based on location, amenities, and more. IPORT iPad wall mounts are hardwired to data, providing employees with up-to-date information.

Conference Room Control

iPads have become the go-to solution for automation control in conference rooms. With software companies like Zoom, companies can run an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars on an iPad. IPORT's iPad cases for business enhance iPads usability by keeping it protected, charged and accessible to maximize productivity, usability and to improve the employee experience.

With options including adjustable viewing angles, a built-in security lock, and the ability to mount and charge iPad in portrait or landscape, you can elevate your conference room technology to help iPad blend into corporate spaces.

Featured Software Partners

The cloud-based software that manages your visitors, from invitation to checkout. Run a smooth reception with a simple cloud-based software that your visitors, receptionists, hosts, IT and security will all love.


Teem, by WeWork, is a space scheduling and workplace analytics platform. More than a meeting room booking system, Teem gives you intelligent tools and powerful workplace analytics to optimize your most valuable resources: your people, places, and technology.

Zoom helps businesses bring their teams together on a frictionless video-first unified communications platform.   




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