From the moment a guest walks through the door, to ensuring staff has visibility to critical business functions, IPORT products allow you to connect better to customers and staff in any hospitality application.

IPORT LUXE, running Intelity software for hotels.

Lobby Check In

Silver iPad case for hotels by IPORT running DigiValet software for use at lobby check-in.

Keep guests coming back by providing them with exceptional app-based experiences from the moment they walk in the door. From guest check-in, to digital concierge reservations, IPORT provides hardware solutions that allow a simple and robust way to give your guests easy access to information.

Software providers like Intelity provide broad guest experiences for customers and staff alike. Guests can access information about local attractions, transportation schedules, and hotel menus, all while staff view, organize, and manage guests’ requests. 

IPORT iPad docks and charging cases for hotels ensure your iPad is always protected and charged to ensure guests can touch a screen to receive customized information directly from the lobby, while staff focuses their energy on more pressing guest requests. With options for added security and hardwiring to data, IPORT can ensure you can connect better to customers and staff at any time.

In Room

Improve your hotel guest experience with personalized access to in-room dining services, housekeeping requests, and room automation control with apps like DigiValet that offers the most intuitive room controls and easy to use interface that transforms each guest’s in-room experience from excellent to exceptional.

IPORT products simply and elegantly protect and charge iPad to ensure your guest room experience is top-notch. From solutions with the most refined aesthetics for luxury hotels, to the convenience of adding USB ports for additional device charging for guests, IPORT ensures your most valuable in-room tool is always ready.

Conference Room Signage

IPORT Surface Mount, the iPad Wall mount for business use running Teem by WeWork software for meeting room signage.

IPORT iPad wall mounts allow you to use tablets for digital signage, room scheduling, or interactive directories as the source for meeting room information.

With multiple options for installation, staff can deploy updates to signage at any time via hardwired data, providing guests with up-to-date information at all times.

Facilities Management

Utilize iPad for housekeeping management, employee timecard control, or managing service requests running apps that connect hotel employees with real-time information.

Using apps like Intelity, which has a Preventative Maintenance feature, allows hotel management to ensure their equipment remains in excellent condition and significantly reduce operational costs by scheduling and tracking all routine maintenance appointments and keeping a digital record of all completed tasks.

IPORT iPad cases and stands for hotels allow staff the mobility to take tablets on calls with them for note-taking, documentation, and pushing real-time updates to management, all while ensuring your iPad is charged and protected.


DigiValet is an iPad-based guest room solution for luxury hotels. It has an easy to use interface for Room Controls, Entertainment and Television controls, Hospitality services and much more.

Intelity is the global provider of the broadest staff management and guest engagement hospitality technology platform. Intelity offers its customers comprehensive end-to-end solutions in a single platform.

Innovating luxury hospitality, Incentient crafts exceptional digital experiences. A full-service software company, we build custom solutions that enhance guest experience, optimize staff efficiencies and drive revenue.

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