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Remote for Sonos by IPORT.


Apps are central to all the technology we love in our homes.  But whether running apps on your phone or on a dedicated iPad in one of our IPORT products, some app functions may be too cumbersome or take too much time to access.  That’s why we made a suite of Buttons products, to provide instant access to the key functions needed.  

xPRESS provides this for SONOS, complimenting any system with convenient buttons that can be installed literally anywhere. Surface Mount with Buttons takes any Control System to the next level with agnostic buttons that can be programmed to do literally anything from activating Scenes and Macros to instantly activating discrete commands. 

Simplify App-based home control with IPORT’s Buttons. 

IPORT xPRESS Audio Keypad and Surface Mount Buttons mounted on walls.


    xPRESS, the Audio Keypad for Sonos, allows you to control your Sonos device anywhere, anytime. Play music, adjust volume, skip tracks, and assign favorites with the press of a button. You can also assign selected favorites to the Keypad to curate music for different parts of the house. And with custom scenes, you can group specific Sonos devices, setting the volume and playing the desired favorite from your Keypad.

    The xPRESS Audio Keypad works on 2.4GHz WiFi and includes a rechargeable battery for 4 to 6 months of use before needing to be recharged. With options to magnetically mount your Keypad on a metallic surface, wall, or coffee table, xPRESS gives you instant control of your Sonos players throughout your home, allowing you to access music anywhere you want.

    To set up your xPRESS, simply download the IPORT Connect App for iOS from the App Store, add your keypad to your network and add it to a Sonos device, choose a spot to install your keypad, and enjoy!


    Sonos is one of the best ways to experience whole house audio in your home. We wanted to make that experience even better with xPRESS, the Audio Keypad for Sonos.

    With xPRESS, you now have a convenient, wireless keypad that can be installed anywhere, giving you instant-access buttons for your Sonos system. With just a press, start playing music in a Sonos zone, advance tracks, and ramp volume levels. You can even select specific favorite playlists or active a whole-house Sonos scene with the xPRESS Star button.

    Start your music instantly with xPRESS, the Audio Keypad for Sonos.

    IPORT xPRESS Audio Keypad for Sonos with the IPORT Connect App.

    Setup Is Easy as 1…2…3…

    • Step 1 Download the IPORT Connect App for free from the App Store.
    • Step 2 Add your keypad to your network.
    • Step 3. Assign your keypad to a Sonos device.
    • Step 4 Choose a spot to install your keypad.
    • Step 5 Enjoy!


      Surface Mount with Buttons combines the richness of apps with hard buttons that provide immediate access to critical control system functions.  Connect directly via ethernet to IP to many control systems to add a better, more elegant user interface. With just one ethernet cable, power iPad and provide power and data to the IP keypad for simple installations.

      Each button is LED backlit, allowing you to customize the brightness and color, depending on the occasion.  With 30+ icon-engraved buttons in the box, there are icons to represent most control system functions.  And for custom applications, order custom-engraved buttons.

      Surface Mount with Buttons: the best of both worlds in a control system user interface.


      Black iPad wall mount with power and buttons in a house.

      Dedicating iPad for home control takes the best of iPad and combines it with the capabilities of leading control systems. We wanted to take that experience to the next level with Surface Mount with Buttons, the best of our Surface Mount Stationary iPad Mount combined with instant-access buttons.

      The built-in Buttons on the Surface Mount Bezel talk directly to virtually any control system via ethernet. Buttons can be programmed to activate any macro, scene, or discreet function by utilizing available drivers and profiles.

      And you can even custom program Surface Mount with Buttons by using our open, JSON-based API to talk to virtually any IP-based system. Simplify control with Surface Mount with Buttons.

      IPORT Surface Mount Buttons - Buttons Options.

      Each button on a Surface Mount Buttons bezel is laser engraved to an extremely high precision.  The buttons themselves have been engineered flush with the bezel eliminating any shadow-cast but still providing just enough of a protrusion to provide a tactile feel.

      Each button provides a Press or Press and Hold function.  The Buttons bezel communicates with JSON IP strings.

      Combined with precision LED backlighting, the resulting control experience is nothing short of luxurious.  Choose from 30+ icons out of the box to match with programmed functions.  And if you can't find an icon for your application, you can order custom-engraved icons to perfectly match the job.

      Custom button engraving is available!  If you are a Sonance/IPORT dealer, please contact your rep for more information.


      Surface Mount Buttons Bezels communicate via TCP/IP directly from a single CAT5 cable. Once a Bezel is configured on a network, you can simply download the driver / profile for your control system and begin programming triggers to enact macros and commands.

      Click below to learn more about configuring Surface Mount Buttons and control system support.


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