Dedicate iPad® as stationary digital signage for conference or meeting rooms.

Side Mount, the iPad wall mount for business, mounted on a class door in a corporate office.


Silver iPad wall mount by IPORT used as a meeting room display.

iPad has become synonymous with digital signage around the office, providing info on conference room meeting schedules and bringing the environment to life with branding and graphics.

Integrating iPad outside of conference rooms can be a tricky task. That’s why we designed Side Mount, the most elegant solution to mount, charge, and connect iPad for conference room digital signage.

Side Mount is beautifully designed with a precision machined aluminum enclosure that bolts to the side of door frames, allowing iPad to float in front of conference room windows and glass. And the enclosure fits all the components needed to hard-wire iPad to the network and power via PoE.

Dedicate iPad as a sleek digital sign with Side Mount.



    IPORT Side Mount seamlessly transforms iPad into a beautiful and simple business tool by dedicating it as stationary digital signage for conference or meeting rooms.  

    iPad is contained within a minimalist aluminum bezel with accompanying aluminum mounting bracket. The iPad mounting system bolts directly to a door frame for a flush install that presents iPad floating in front of the glass window. Securely lock iPad in the bezel and on the mounting bracket by engaging the included security features.  

    The bracket accommodates the IPORT PoE Splitter, ensuring that a single CAT cable is the only pre-wire spec to the door frame necessary. Side Mount can be powered up to 300 ft. away with a standard PoE Switch and can be hard-wired to a network by employing Apple’s USB to Ethernet adapters.

    Available in a Silver finish, Side Mount provides an elegant way to mount and charge iPad for business.

    Silver iPad meeting room mount by IPORT.

    The IPORT PoE Splitter powers iPad up to 300 feet from a PoE Switch or the IPORT PoE Injector.

    The PoE Splitter can provide power and data to iPad using a single Cat5/6 cable, IPORT Data Cable (sold separately), and Apple or 3rd party PoE Dongle.

    You can also use the PoE Splitter with legacy 24V 2-wire and 4-wire systems for retrofit installations.



    Take your business to the next level with Side Mount at work.