Rugged and reliable wireless iPad® charging and mounting for the most demanding calls.

The LAUNCH Rugged System, the iPad rugged case by IPORT, being used by First Responders in the field.

Meet the LAUNCH Rugged System


For the first responders, staying connected is no longer a luxury, it’s the new standard of business. Access to information is critical.  When iPads are deployed in the field, keeping the devices protected and charged is paramount.

IPORT products are built to provide unmatched reliability and performance when it matters most. Our product experts work with public safety professionals to create solutions that meet the needs of real people in the field.



Take iPad Into New Places


The LAUNCH Rugged System transforms iPad into a powerful in-vehicle tool that provides on the go access to critical information, all while ensuring your tablet is protected and charged. The system includes everything you need to mount your iPad to the vehicle using the universal box on a solid surface or on a mounting solution. And with the iPad Rugged case, you can ensure your device is protected against drops and falls.

Apps like Tablet Command provide rapid notifications, accurate mapping, and time trackers to stay connected to dispatchers on the go. 



Rugged iPad case by IPORT being used in the field by a first responder.

The LAUNCH Rugged System ensures that your iPad is protected and charged so you can take it from vehicle to the field for note-taking, photo documentation, and data sharing using software and apps like TBL Systems.

The LAUNCH Shoulder Strap connects to the rugged iPad case and allows for additional mobility for adaptable carry options.


IPORT LAUNCH Rugged System mounted in a fire station running Tablet Command software.

Use the LAUNCH Rugged System back at the station using the LAUNCH BaseStation to connect first responders to their agency, share mission critical dispatch information, or share information in conference rooms. 

The LAUNCH BaseStation can be placed on a table or desk and as soon as the sleeve is mounted to the station, it will begin to charge via inductive charging. 

The System

LAUNCH Rugged Case for iPad® 10.2-inch (7th Gen)

LAUNCH Rugged Wiring Guide

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The LAUNCH Rugged System includes everything you need to hold, charge and protect an iPad in a vehicle, on the move, or back at the office.


  • LAUNCH Case
  • Rugged Case
  • WallStation
  • Universal Mounting Box


Complete the System

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Deployed in over 100 Public Safety organizations in North America, Tablet Command provides rapid notification, CAD-integrated emergency response, accurate mapping, and real-time incident command.


TBL Systems provides the latest in law enforcement mobility and cloud-based RMS, e-citation and dispatch. TBL's best-in-class mobile application replaces legacy systems' archaic architecture with iOS devices.

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